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Fasting and Prayer ~ A Combination Loaded with Unexpected Nourishment

Some things just go together. That’s not to say that you can’t have them separately, but somehow it just doesn’t seem quite right. I was reminded of that when my wife and I were on a road trip to visit

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Is Today the Day? ~ Guest Post by J.D. Wininger

As this edition of Gallagher’s Pen goes out, Diane and I are wrapping up a pilgrimage that is unquestionably the trip of a lifetime for both of us. We’ve been blessed to be in the land that Jesus called 

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A Lesson in Prayer ~ Complements of “Alexa”

We human beings have a tendency to focus on ourselves. It’s paradoxical, then, that we’re so determined to do things that aren’t in our best interest. For instance, it doesn’t take a degree in nutritional analysis to 

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Only Seven Words . . .

We tell stories for lots of reasons. We tell them to educate our children, to sell products, to illustrate how things work, to explain human behaviors, to reprimand, instruct, and enlighten. Jesus, the Master Storyteller, obviously included some of those … Continue reading

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Prayer ~ Reaching Higher by Going Deeper Series, Week 4

~ Going Deeper through Prayer ~ Receiving a personal invitation is usually a welcome experience that evokes pleasant anticipation, but there are exceptions. For instance, being offered the privilege to watch Uncle Burford pledge his undying love to the woman … Continue reading

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It’s Time to Apply Good “Judgment”

Passing judgment on the judgment of judges is easy–much more enjoyable than being judged by others in response to judgments we made ourselves. Judges always get judged for their judgments, even in cases where the repercussions are minor. I ran … Continue reading

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