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The Devil’s Hiring ~ But His Paychecks Always Bounce

Focusing on the value of work and celebrating its role in maintaining the health, welfare, and economic stability of our country is a good thing. Researchers tell us that average Americans (that’s probably not you, of course, since our readers … Continue reading

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Labor Day ~ “Workin’ on It?”

A scene in a movie done a few decades ago included a line that I find intriguing. The setting was one of those “wild west” towns that Hollywood is famous for creating, but while the original setting may belong in … Continue reading

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A Face-to-Face Meeting with the Enemy

We’re approaching Easter, that time of year when nature is coming back to life and our hearts and minds are occupied with optimistic and uplifting themes like resurrection and hope. Dealing with enemies is not a subject I had intended … Continue reading

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A “Flood” of Opportunities

This is the weekend that we celebrate the concept of work here in America.  We pause to honor all of our citizens who engage in it and whose labor sustains the shining symbol of freedom and prosperity that America represents … Continue reading

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It’s Labor Day – Take a Break

Labor Day weekend 2014 is upon us. It’s a holiday, and none of us wants to think but so seriously about work, even though we do love watching the work of others and passing judgment on it. It’s an American … Continue reading

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