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A Living Memorial – Or Just Another Pile of Rocks?

No summer day, not even Virginia’s notorious ‘dog days’ of August, ever intimidated my grandpa into wearing a short-sleeved shirt. Long-sleeved shirts were as much a trademark as his hat and that little half-smile he held in reserve for those … Continue reading

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Caution – Bumper Stickers Ahead

Driving to work can be a life-threatening exercise in multi-tasking. We go speeding along in a musically-enhanced, comfort-controlled environment as we do an assortment of important things, like putting the finishing touches on our oral hygiene and adjusting our hair … Continue reading

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For Mom ~ Reflecting Again on the Brightest Morning Ever

As some of you know, last year the Lord escorted my mother out of this world and introduced her to that place He had gone to prepare for her so long ago. Shortly after that, I shared some reflections surrounding … Continue reading

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Put the Lid Back on the Sewer!

It seems like God keeps sending us wake-up calls and we keep hitting the snooze button. It’s understandable, because quieting the irritating reminder that it’s time to get up and get busy is certainly the easier option, and the easy … Continue reading

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