Ron’s Ministry Offerings

In addition to his writing ministry, here you will find ongoing or new teaching and training opportunities that Gallagher’s Pen ministries offers, or that we support.  Ron would love to provide you or your church with opportunities to grow through the insights God has shared with him over the years, and laid on his heart to share with others.

  • Forgiveness by the Book  Series – The curriculum for this series was developed in conjunction with a full-length book project Ron currently has in progress by the same name. A glimpse into the content of the series is available in an earlier blog post. Click on the related post entitled ‘Boundaries Without Barriers’.  Information will be posted here when a new Forgiveness By the Book series is available … or contact Ron for information about presenting this material at your church or group setting.
  • Speaking Engagements – In addition to conducting ‘Forgiveness by the Book’ presentations, Ron is available for leading small group training or teaching sessions, and as a speaker for churches, agencies, and other groups. The options offered include a relationship series called ‘Connections’, which is the outgrowth of curriculum Ron developed for a ‘healthy marriage’ program that he has taught in a number of locations throughout the state. He is available to speak on a variety of Biblical topics but is especially interested in those that deal with the spiritual challenges facing the followers of Jesus in the midst of a popular culture whose approach to Christian issues, and to Christianity itself, is rapidly changing in a distinctly negative direction.
  • Teaching / Church Leadership – For many years, Ron has enthusiastically taught and led studies on many books of the Bible, or through a variety of series on topical studies. His teaching reaches deep into God’s Word to find and share insights and hopefully open windows of understanding for those who want to enrich their walk and experience God on a deeper level. More often than not, he has personally researched and authored most of the commentary he presents and the supportive material he uses. In addition, Ron has served for the last several years in transitional leadership and consulting roles at various local churches in the area.
  • The Truth Project – For a number of years now, Ron and his wife, Diane, have facilitated  ‘Truth Project’ groups.  This is an innovative 13-week DVD curriculum series from Focus on the Family that teaches viewers how to develop a systematic and comprehensive biblical worldview. Ron is a certified trainer in the area of small group dynamics and, specifically, for ‘The Truth Project’ worldview study.  In a recent study, the Barna Research Group revealed a stunning statistic that continues to reverberate throughout the evangelical world. Only 9 percent of professing Christians have a biblical worldview. This statistic is astounding in its revelation of why many who profess to be Christians are not having more of an impact for Christ in the world around us.  The study asks the haunting question, ‘Do You Believe That What You Believe is Really Real?’ ... and teaches us how to defend the faith we claim to believe. Dr. Del Tackett, the DVD series creator and teacher, and former President of Focus on the Family Institute, is both engaging and winsome as he teaches Christians to apply biblical truths to every area of life.  The original series is recorded and taught in a real life setting with Focus on the Family Institute students.  The series allows and encourages deeper review, discussion, and prayer time, led by facilitators like Ron following each DVD session – and encourages others to take what they have learned and replicate it through readiness to lead groups on their own, supported by ample on-line Truth Project resources.

For scheduling or for more information  
E-mail: or 
Phone or Text: 804-591-5909


‘Right Side Up Thinking ~ In an Upside Down World!’


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