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Scrap Your Secret Server

The endless news of Hillary Clinton’s secret server reminds me of the portable tape recorder I got for Christmas when I was twelve. I have no rational explanation for what possessed the adults in my family to give such a … Continue reading

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Warning–Your Cat May Not Really Love You

This report may be hard for you if you’re a cat lover—and by that, I mean the kind of cat lover that feels compelled to take your relationship to the ‘next level’, like maybe having those little cat-paw stickers on … Continue reading

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An Open Letter to Virginia’s Senators

I’m sending a letter to both of our Virginia Senators, but since they will never actually see them, and wouldn’t care even if they did, I’m going to publish it as an open letter to them here. My objective is … Continue reading

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Climate Change Crisis – Not the One You Think

Our illustrious President created a publicity event last week by officially renaming Mt. McKinley, America’s tallest mountain. From now on, it will be known as Denali, which has been the name recognized by the Alaska natives since well before anyone … Continue reading

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