An Open Letter to Virginia’s Senators

I’m sending a letter to both of our Virginia Senators, but since they will never actually see them, and wouldn’t care even if they did, I’m going to publish it as an open letter to them here. My objective is to encourage you to join those of us who are endeavoring to keep the truth alive and the pressure on.

Dear Senator,
I am writing letter because until you run for re-election, it is the only avenue I have, other than personal prayer, to extend my influence to the one responsible for representing my family and me. So, let me be very clear. I want Planned Parenthood to be de-funded. I want any bill requiring that to have your vote, whether it gets vetoed or not. I believe they should be put out of business, and that some of their members ought to be prosecuted criminally, but your immediate opportunity is to deny them any more of my tax dollars.

Small human being--image by lunar caustc

Small human being–image by lunar caustc

It saddens me terribly to know that even as I write those words, I already know that it is a wasted effort, because I have heard and seen your lame, dishonest, and morally reprehensible response to the matter of de-funding this evil organization. My family and I find it disgusting to read what you have written in defense of your position, because we believe that you are clearly aware that what they do is so deeply wrong that it defies language to describe, yet you support them anyway. You invoke the ridiculous claim that what they do is OK, because they do other ‘good’ things, and that it’s about ‘women’s health’. What a colossal lie, and what an exercise in self-deception you must have to go through to avoid admitting the truth. That defense makes as much sense as claiming that Jeffrey Dahmer’s serial murders were acceptable because he worked fifteen minutes a week in a soup kitchen. Women in this country have multitudes of options available to them to attend to their ‘health’, and nothing that this cold-blooded and murderous outfit you’re defending is needed to provide it, and certainly not at public expense.

Please understand clearly that as far as my family is concerned, as long as you continue to support the murder of innocent babies and the merchandising of their body parts, nothing else you say or do matters to us. I just received a letter from your office about your work to produce jobs. Is the baby parts industry that you support a part of your claim of economic victory? Your little protective enclave in Washington will not surround you forever, and like the rest of us, you will not escape an ultimate meeting with the one who created you, and who gave life to those babies you have helped to kill. The ultimate reality is that the blood of those babies is as much on the hands of those who facilitate their death as it is on the ‘doctors’ who kill them and the staff that helps carve them up for sale. You may play the little politically accepted religious games and make ‘Christian’ claims when you’re on your campaign trail in order to appease your supporters, but be assured of this, the day will come when you will meet Him personally. On that day there will be no protective assistants, no slick lawyers, no media babes, and no political cronies to come to your defense. As I indicated earlier, I believe that in your heart, if you ever honestly go there, you know that what Planned Parenthood is doing is worse than criminal, yet you defend them because of the money. I am embarrassed and ashamed of your role in this formerly great Commonwealth. Virginia has birthed men with integrity and honor, who had an allegiance to the truth, and now we are reduced to being led by self-serving political hacks like you, men who turn their backs on the most innocent and helpless among us for money and power.

Be assured of our prayers that God in His mercy will break through the blinders you wear, and if that happens, we will rejoice in the transformation, and praise God for it and you. Otherwise, we will continue to engage in a relentless effort to rid this commonwealth of the leadership of men who ignore clear moral imperatives, not to mention will of the majority of their constituents, in order to declare evil to be good, and good to be evil, and who abuse the power of their office to enrich themselves and inflict their godless philosophies on mis-informed, unsuspecting sheep who vote for them in order to get a few crumbs tossed their way—crumbs paid for by working tax-payers like my family and me, by the way.

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3 Responses to An Open Letter to Virginia’s Senators

  1. roger332 says:

    Keep speaking truth, Ron.

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  2. Darlene says:

    Ron, as always you have spoken truth! I have written many e-mails to our democratic legislators and have received the same political pc dribble as you have described. However, we must continue this fight! Thank you for standing in the gap for these babies!

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  3. Anonymous says:

    Appreciate your words to government officials. Will be more diligent when praying for this subject.

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