Let There Be Light!

In these dark days filled with “news” that is so often manipulated and cloaked with deceptive obfuscation, a couple of events come to mind whose lessons about truth and light, though not new, are worth repeating.

One of those took place in a large auditorium where we stood along with a thousand or more others during a holiday service that was about to move into its closing segment. Everyone had been given a little unlit candle, and we held them and waited as the room grew quiet and the lights began to dim. In a few seconds, every light had been extinguished and as darkness filled the room, an indelible memory from an experience early in my life began a re-play in my mind.

A Discovery with Depth ~
I had never been claustrophobic, but touring a series of caverns in the Blue Ridge mountains had a disconcerting, claustrophobic quality for me. For a teenage country boy who had only seen mountains once, the prospect of Continue reading

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Weinstein & Hollywood ~ Have We Finally Had Enough?

My grandfather was a reasonably patient guy, but his quiet endurance had its limits and finding out exactly where those limits were was an irresistible mystery my brother and I sought to solve every day. Since video games hadn’t been invented yet, we poured all our creativity into developing new ways to find out how far our antics could go before Grandpa ran out of grace. We didn’t have to wonder when we found that point. He’d boom out, “Alright, boys—enough is enough!” Now defining that statement in precise linguistic terms might get a little convoluted, but we knew exactly what it meant. It meant that we had just stepped across the line where tolerance ended, and if we didn’t stop doing whatever irritating thing my brother (of course) had instigated, Continue reading

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A Time-limited Offer

I once read about a new group being formed that I really wanted to join. There was an opportunity for securing membership at a very attractive reduced rate, and the announcement included a flavor of urgency with this statement: “This is a limited time offer. Act now!” The ad explained that at midnight on a specified date, the deal would expire and not be offered again. That was an important piece of information for me to know because after the deadline, the fee would go beyond what my budget could accommodate. That meant that I had to do a quick cost-benefit analysis because even at the reduced rate, I had to seriously consider whether the benefits were really worth what I had to pay. Limited time offers can be stressful even if we have adequate time to think about them.

I was reminded of that reality again on Monday morning when the heartbreaking, mind-numbing news of the Las Vegas massacre began pouring out of every news source in the country. At that point, the reports, while continuous, were sketchy and incomplete because the unavoidable confusion that surrounds an attack like that still overshadowed everything. The air was as full of Continue reading

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A Time to Stand ~ A Time to Kneel

Sometimes things that don’t really matter are worth our attention because they affect things that do matter. The football fracas is one of them. I’m aware that multitudes might disagree with my assessment, of course, and I will defend to the death their inalienable right to be wrong. Regardless, my contention is that football really doesn’t matter. By that, I mean that the Continue reading

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God’s “Anti-Loneliness” Drug

The shock factor built into the headline worked, and I was drawn into a recent article in a British newspaper. The lead-in was a simple assertion: “Loneliness is as deadly as smoking 15 cigarettes a day”. The piece was obviously designed to raise awareness of the growing problem of loneliness in the UK, especially among the elderly, and the seriousness of the issue was supported with statements like this about a large portion of the geriatric population: “…one in 10 go for at least four weeks without seeing any loved ones.”

Another piece on the subject began to broaden my perspective with this declaration: “Social media makes people more antisocial as it causes loneliness among the young.” So apparently, loneliness isn’t a phenomenon reserved for the geriatric population. The conclusion cited in that report affirmed that an increased use of “social” media produces an outcome that is both counterintuitive and paradoxical. As the hours that young people spend on “social” media mount in the digital world, so do their feelings of social isolation and loneliness. Could that have anything to do with the fact that Continue reading

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Have You Found the Right Soul Buffer? Guest Post by Katy Kauffman

There’s no way that our cars shouldn’t have hit. I was a preteen sitting in the passenger side of my family’s car, while my mom was driving. All I remember is that a car came so close to us, that something should have exploded—glass and car doors. But there was no screeching of metal or flying car parts (or us).

Mom had turned left when a car zoomed from nowhere and should have hit the side of our car. She told me Continue reading

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