What’s Your Superpower? ~ Guest Post by Beckie Lindsey

Guest Post Intro ~ Sometimes interruptions are good things, even when they’re a bit painful. God granted me one of those this week. Both of my hip joints were replaced years ago, and apparently, the devices that were installed are creating problems. The metal in my blood from the titanium devices has reached toxic levels and Continue reading

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“Loss Prevention” ~ A Divine Approach

The shock on her face was unmistakable. It was a silent proclamation that the panic button had already been pushed and our relaxing Sunday afternoon had just come to a screeching halt. Actual words soon joined forces with the look and the situation gained clarity. “My credit card’s gone,” she said. “I looked everywhere and can’t find it.”

The case of the missing plastic money immediately overshadowed everything and assumed undisputed sovereignty over our priority list. Finding it was the sole objective toward which all available resources were directed. The process was challenging, but we had experienced it before, because strange things sometimes happen in our house. Keys have somehow crawled off on their own to hide in places we would never have intentionally put them. Tax documents have been known to elope with one another in an attempt to Continue reading

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It’s Time to Apply Good “Judgment”

Passing judgment on the judgment of judges is easy–much more enjoyable than being judged by others in response to judgments we made ourselves. Judges always get judged for their judgments, even in cases where the repercussions are minor. I ran into that little piece of truth during an unscheduled stopover in a small, isolated community in Alaska.

In certain regions of that huge, wonderful state, the climate tends to exhibit rapid and unannounced mood swings, irrespective of your carefully constructed travel itinerary. On those occasions, you may find your little bush plane touching down in a place you never intended to visit and where you will remain on “weathered out” status until it’s safe to resume your trip. Descending out of the murky clouds toward that narrow little dirt runway was not in our plan, but it wasn’t Continue reading

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Corruption ~ Freedom’s Terminal Prognosis

It’s that red-white-and-blue Independence Day time again, time to unpack the beach wear, fire up the barbeque, and get ready for the annual parade of pyrotechnic creativity. It’s also a time when we should pull our minds away from the happy hecticity long enough to engage in some deep personal reflection about what a gift freedom has been for every one of us. The rights and privileges that we’ve inherited with the incredible legacy of liberty were handed to us by the grace of God and the blood of others, and they deserve more than brief, superficial acknowledgement. The principles undergirding our freedom and the price paid to establish them deserve our profound appreciation, and they deserve an unshakable personal commitment to their preservation. Those early patriots may not have Continue reading

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Immigration Outrage ~ A Fire Ant Mentality

Our six-year-old grandson was about to undertake an important infrastructure improvement project in the neighborhood where they lived, and I got the special privilege of being invited to help. He lined up his collection of toy dump trucks, excavators, and other construction vehicles in a corner of the vacant lot across from their house and grabbed a long, pointy stick to draw a path for the new road we were about to build. As he traced lines through the sandy dirt and weeds, his attention shifted toward a small mound near the sidewalk a few yards away and his eyes lit up. “Watch this, Grampy,” he said as he walked over and shoved the point of his stick into the center of the mound and stepped back. Suddenly, it was like the grains of sand exploded into life as thousands of tiny creatures attacked the intruder. The stick became a Continue reading

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“Beholding” Father’s Day

It’s barely a month after surviving the challenge of Mother’s Day, and our overwhelmed lives are confronted with yet another demand for some significant indication of parental appreciation. Now we have to think up something that we can do for Dad that’s meaningful, affordable, available on Amazon Prime, and that will make him think we’re the most sensitive, caring, insightful son or daughter any father could ever hope to have. Let’s face it–that’s a tall order, so let me get at least one important thing out of the way first. I can’t help you with any of that. I have no suggestions for last minute gifts or special Father’s Day celebrations, but you don’t need that anyway. There are gazillions of web pages already doing that, and some may even include some innovative, new yoga positions to help relieve that awful headache you get from trying to wade through all the ads and finally make a decision. What I would like to do, instead, is to suggest a way to enhance our Father’s Day reflections by Continue reading

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