Heroes Wanted ~ A Primer for Passion Week

With Easter season approaching, I’m reminded of the western movies I saw as a kid. The hero in many of them was the strong, silent type, and a guy who he never looked much like a hero in the beginning. He was always the relatively new arrival in town, and nobody knew much about him except that he was quiet, sort of a loner, and though he was an ex-gunfighter, he was now the personification of civility in dusty boots and a floppy cowboy hat. He had those rugged, good looks that were all the rage among transformed gunfighters in the wild west, but the women generally ignored him in spite of his animal magnetism. The town’s most attractive, available, and as yet unclaimed female was the lone exception. She would risk an occasional, questioning glance in his direction. It was obvious that she was interested in this mysterious man. No doubt, she wanted to ask him questions like, “You’ve had that Continue reading

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Book Release TODAY ~ Right Side Up Thinking in an Upside Down World

Today, March 15th, is our book release date!

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A Face-to-Face Meeting with the Enemy

We’re approaching Easter, that time of year when nature is coming back to life and our hearts and minds are occupied with optimistic and uplifting themes like resurrection and hope. Dealing with enemies is not a subject I had intended to address this week, but the prospect of long-standing enemies meeting face to face is interesting, newsworthy, intriguing, and always instructive. Two things happened this week that brought this issue into compelling focus for me. One was broad and international in scope, and the other was Continue reading

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The Most Dangerous Kind of Leftist

For about the first three decades of my life, a “lefty” was a guy who wrote and threw things with what was, from my perspective, the “wrong” hand. I grew up in the country where the words “right” and “left” had a simple function. They were either directional indicators or terms used to identify someone’s dominant hand. If I had been asked in those days whether I was a “right winger” or “left winger” I would have figured they were either talking about baseball, or trying to see if I had any weird preferences when it came to fried chicken.

Expanding the Perspective ~
Then somewhere in my thirties, I began to learn about politics and discovered that the terms “left-winger” and “right-winger” had definitions that had nothing to do with baseball or fried chicken. I also learned that Continue reading

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Our New Book Release ~ Coming March 15th!

Take a look, friends . . . Our first book is actually DONE!  Can you feel Diane and me saying, “Yay!”?  March 15th is the official release date for Right Side Up Thinking in an Upside Down World!

March 15th Update: TODAY is the official date for our book release, and it’s available now in both paperback and Kindle editions.  Here’s the link to find it on Amazon!  Click on www.facebook.com/gallagherspen to join us for our Facebook Live Book Release party TONIGHT at 7:00 pm EDT!


Wow! This is a such an exciting time for us, and we’re both so glad to be able to share it with you. Looking back now, I recall a family member giving me a coffee mug last year as a gift. The message on the side read, “Please ask me about my book.” They wanted to help me generate conversations about the project. Silly kids . . . Now they’re out looking for another one that says, “PLEASE! Whatever you do, don’t ask him about his book!” Coffee mug message or not, we can’t help but celebrate finally getting to this point in our journey with God, and we’re overjoyed at being able to do that with all of you who have been such an encouragement to keep the writing efforts going.

So, What’s It All About, Anyway? ~

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Another School Shooting ~ Ignoring the Obvious

In spite of my lack of artistic talent, I do admire people who are gifted that way, and usually enjoy seeing their work on display. There are exceptions, though. I don’t like those goofy looking pictures with wild, swirly shapes and weird colors, and maybe a random eyeball or two thrown in here or there. Some kinds of artistic expression are so bizarre that they kick in an involuntary gag reflex. You know, like when you accidentally stick your toothbrush down your throat – or you happen to see Continue reading

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