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How about Some Five-Star Investing for 2018?

I’ve probably shared the story at some point about my first lesson in reasons not to gamble. I was ten or eleven years old, and my day-to-day relationship with my older brother and step-brother was, let’s just say, not the … Continue reading

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What Shall It Profit a Man?

Even nondescript writers like me have to contend with certain situational constraints, like “first-article-in-the-new-year” expectations, and being a sensitive guy, I know how disappointed you’d be if I ignored them, right? It would be like Thanksgiving without turkey, or not … Continue reading

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Yesterday’s Dream ~ Tomorrow’s Vision

Here’s a little lesson in how to lose all the millennials. Remember those Daytimers? OK, now let me try to get a few of you back by clarifying what they were. Daytimers were little handheld, leather binders filled with dated … Continue reading

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Balancing Bethlehem

Christmas can be hard to deal with. It’s an emotional and psychological mixed bag, and that can get confusing. Familiar songs of joy and gladness and feelings of excited anticipation are the expected standard for most of us, but for … Continue reading

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