Don’t Wait for Autumn ~ The ‘Fall’ Season Has Already Arrived

The genuine humorists, as opposed to the parade of leftist political hacks that haunt the late night “comedy” shows, must be really struggling right now. If they’re looking for material, outside of their own families, that doesn’t depend on sarcasm, the scene is pretty bleak. There’s very little to laugh about in our own country right now, and certainly not on the world stage. I prefer to be ultimately optimistic, but it’s tough to find optimistic material at a time like this when we’ve been watching so many things collapse around us.

The Parade Begins ~
We grieved with the residents of that condo in Florida whose homes, belongings, and even so many of their lives were crushed to death when the building they lived in collapsed on them. There was no warning, no way to stop it and no opportunity to escape when the support structure failed.

We wept with the people of Haiti as they were hit with yet another hurricane even as they were still reeling from a deadly earthquake. The storm added more scenes of death andfall.1 destruction and another grim reminder that things we trust in can collapse around us without warning and leave us trapped, severely wounded, helpless, or worse yet … dead.  

Another Expanding Collapse ~
Millions of parents who trusted in a school system to ensure that their children would understand basic math and science principles, that they would emerge equipped to communicate effectively in our native language, and be enabled to manage life successfully in their chosen career field have watched that trust collapse around them. Multitudes find themselves trapped beneath the combined weight of Marxist-inspired, bureaucratic double-talk, NEA union bullying, and school boards staffed by politically-driven elitists. Those who cannot afford private schools are left to watch their dreams for a better life for their children suffer and die with no rescue in sight.

Our Southern border was more secure and functional than ever until the last election. Then the plug was pulled almost immediately on the legal, criminal justice, diplomatic, and fall.9mechanical protections that had been doing such a good job of protecting us. That opened the floodgates for deadly drugs, the hell of human trafficking, and the influx of every kind of crime and criminal imaginable. Then, of course, the collapse also invited a wave of active COVID cases to be spread without warning throughout the nation, helping to inflame more random mandates on all of us. 

And the Latest Example ~
Then there’s . . . Afghanistan. Whether leaving the country was a good idea or not, leaving in defeat the way we did ensured that the system left behind would collapse, which it immediately did. Familiar tears return, this time accompanied by inexpressible outrage as we watch the scenes of brutality and death that followed. Those being subjected to unimaginable cruelty feel the same pain we do, suffer the same anguish we do, love their wives and children just like we do, and they are left defenseless. People they depended on lied to them. Promises they trusted were ignored. A system designed to protect them collapsed with astounding suddenness, leaving them trapped with no one to turn to for help. Both the followers of Jesus and the rest of the watching world need to ask, what does this mean for us and what are we to learn? Most importantly, what are we to do?

The first answer is simple. Things collapse, systems fail, and people lie . . Get used to it. Trust is easy when there’s no challenge. Promises are alluring when the vital protection they offer isn’t needed. Insurance policies can make us feel secure until the losses descend on usfall.4 and we discover that the fine print makes them worthless. Peace is easy when the enemy’s weapons aren’t being unleashed on us. These lessons are not ‘rocket science’, as they say, but somehow we keep missing them. It just takes a few glimpses at world and national history once in a while to find overwhelming examples. Maybe that’s one of the problems.

We needn’t wonder why a corrupt public school system decided decades ago to stop teaching history. There are just too many unavoidable lessons in it that warn about the very kinds of collapses we’re witnessing everywhere, and tragically, those orchestrating those collapses don’t want them telegraphed to the potential victims. The power and the profits they collect from them are their only goals. The ruling class will survive. Never mind those who can’t, and won’t. But again, what are we to do?

Reasonable Responses ~
Let’s begin by mentioning the obvious. If things collapse, wouldn’t it make sense to find a support structure that cannot be shaken and move yourself and all your valuables into it? If systems fail, wouldn’t it be reasonable to find one that cannot be dismantled and place yourself and all you do within its protections? If people, especially those with power overfall.5 you, lie, wouldn’t it be wonderful to find someone who embodies truth and who has no capacity to lie about anything, ever, and look to Him for guidance? If we’re desperate to find promised security and peace of mind we can trust, it doesn’t take a lot of research to conclude that the One who never failed to deliver on any promise ever made would be the only sensible place to turn. Here are a few things to consider:

For assuredly, I say to you, till heaven and earth pass away, one jot or one tittle will by no means pass from the law till all is fulfilled. (Matthew 5:18 NKJV)

Paul, a bondservant of God and an apostle of Jesus Christ, according to the faith of God’s elect and the acknowledgment of the truth which accords with godliness, in hope of eternal life which God, who cannot lie, promised before time began (Titus 1:1–2 NKJV)

Therefore, since we are receiving a kingdom which cannot be shaken, let us have grace, by which we may serve God acceptably with reverence and godly fear. For our God is a consuming fire. (Hebrews 12:28–29 NKJV)

So beyond reallocating our trust and repositioning our vital assets, what do we do once collapse happens? Here are a few suggestions:

    • Instead of crying out for help from the agencies, institutions, and ruling class power brokers that have failed us so spectacularly, let’s express our repentance and elevate our cries for mercy, forgiveness, and deliverance to the One who has the power to help, who will actually hear, and who in contrast to the others, really cares about us. 
    • Instead of trying to rebuild on the same untrustworthy soil that doomed us before, maybe it’s time to build our lives firmly on the rock Jesus called us to.
    • Instead of just complaining about the rubble surrounding us, maybe we could focus more on lifting a piece or two off someone trapped in a worse situation than we are.

Finally, let’s commit ourselves not to forget the history unfolding around us and determine not to ignore the vital lessons they contain. Trust the words of the One who cannot lie. Plant your feet securely on the rock that cannot be moved. Let’s extend our hands and voices along with our hearts and work together to dig out of this bureaucratic rubble stripping our freedom and choking the life out of us. Let’s lift every hand, no matter how weak, and trumpet every victory no matter how small. 

When we do, truth, life, peace, and prosperity will win. If we don’t, things will soon collapse that will make disasters like what we’re seeing seem small and insignificant.

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    • “Trust the words of the One who can’t lie. Plant your feet securely on the rock that cannot be moved. Extend your hands, voice & heart. Work toward digging out of this bureaucratic rubble stripping our freedom & choking the life out of us.” @GallaghersPen (Click here to Tweet)  

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5 Responses to Don’t Wait for Autumn ~ The ‘Fall’ Season Has Already Arrived

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  2. It’s so easy in this broken world, and especially now with all the events swirling around us, to lose hope and fall into despair. Thank you, Ron, for reminding us of the One we can always trust to be faithful and true. I will choose to stand with Jesus, my Rock and my Salvation, and I pray that others will come to know Him as Lord of all.

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    • The more chaotic things get, the more powerful your stand for Jesus becomes, Martha. Those of us who have been blessed by your friendship and your ministry are strengthened by the faithfulness and courage you demonstrate. Thank you again, my friend, for taking the time to share encouragement and hope at a time when those qualities seem more priceless than ever.

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  3. JD Wininger says:

    Sometimes there just isn’t enough words to express my thanks for the truths you share Mr. Ron. So I’ll simply ask for God’s abundant blessings upon your and your family’s lives. Your post made me recall a post from last October I shared, entitled, “Maximizing Your EGT”. I recalled the question I asked; “Will your EGT allow you to reach your journey’s end with your faith strong and vibrant or tattered and torn?” As your powerful post points out, we must depend upon and defend our “End Game Thinking” if we are to endure to the end. Let us run the race dear friend. God’s blessings.

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    • I love your admonition to consider our “EGT”, J.D. Our consumer-driven culture is always pushing us to focus on temporary satisfactions at the expense of long term fulfillment. It’s easy to get seduced by the non-stop pleasure brokers flooding the airwaves every day, but distracting us from considering the unavoidable destination is exactly what the devil wants. Diane and I treasure your long-distance friendship and pray for God to continue to pour out His blessing and open more doors for you to minister God’s eternal truth. If we get to live long enough, I’m praying that God will allow us to slip down to Texas one of these days just to shake your hand. But until then, keep opening your mouth wide and letting Him fill it. We rejoice in what comes out of it when your do.

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