Focus on Addiction Continues ~ Guest Blogger Coming Tomorrow

Coming Tomorrow ~ We’ll be putting a capstone on our brief series on addictions tomorrow, and to help do that, we’ll introduce you to a gifted author, committed follower of Jesus, and treasured friend and colleague, Beckie Lindsey, who will be our guest blogger this week. My hope is that this bit of advance notice will encourage you not to miss her piece on the epidemic of pornography addiction. She posted the piece on her blog last month, and I asked for the privilege of sharing it with all of you. My prayer is that information like she shares in her piece helps to raise awareness of the worldwide plague that pornography addiction has become.

As always, my prayer is that God will bless you for the time you sacrifice to read, and for what it says about your devotion to Him and your ongoing faithfulness in supporting “Right Side Up Thinking in an Upside Down World.”

Thanks for keeping an eye out for tomorrow’s post!

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