Climate ‘Accord’ vs. Christ’s Redemption

Lots of folks in the upper echelons of government, academia, and most importantly the world of news and entertainment media declare with absolute certainty these days that the human race is now doomed and are shocked and dismayed at this unexpected revelation. It’s sad that they think that this is news. Most of the rest of us know that God broke the story about the human race’s impending doom a long time ago (II Pet. 3:11-13). Maybe they missed a tweet or something.

Another Nuclear Meltdown ~
Regardless, since President Trump pulled us out of the Paris Climate ‘Accords’, the leftists around the world are melting down faster than that nuclear plant at Chernobyl. Liberals are flailing around with the kind of passion, pathos, and unrestrained hyperbole that would make a hyperventilating 1950’s Baptist evangelist preaching on the second coming of Jesus look downright liturgical.

Their unhinged upheaval is rooted in an unshakeable belief that if America would simply relinquish its national sovereignty and hand over billions of its tax dollars every year to nations that are ostensibly less advanced, then the planet could be saved. If we would simply bow in obedient submission to their expert scientific superiority, ordinary peasants like us could continue to live.

Geniuses Can Be Irritating ~
We’re told we must never doubt the scientific geniuses. Now as a general rule, I am grateful for people with high IQs—except for that bunch of geniuses on that TV show, ‘Scorpion’. If they were really all that smart, they’d realize how irritating it is to listen to their compulsive running commentary explaining every detail and nuance of whatever electronic device they happen to be inventing out of gym socks, aluminum foil, and used marmalade that will enable them to miraculously escape from another impossible situation. Geniuses like that make me covet the refreshing companionship of idiots.

In any case, my run-of-the-mill, non-genius opinion is that the crop of smart guys pushing the ‘climate change’ panic button these days comes up a bit short. It would be nice, for instance, if their incredible gift for producing unassailable solutions for manufactured, long-range problems could be directed toward some of the situations and conditions that are killing people and destroying lives right here and right now.

How About Solving Some Real Problems?
Unlike wondering whether sea levels will rise or polar ice caps will melt, we don’t have to wait until 2040 or 2050 to see if anybody will get shot in Chicago, or any other major city. We don’t have to wait a decade or two to see whether another one of our children will be raped by some illegal immigrant, or if another kid will drop out of some broken home and failing school and join a murderous street gang. A little genius attention focused on those issues might be helpful.

Unfortunately, the climate control geniuses belong to the same class of geniuses who are clueless when it comes to challenges like infusing a little mutual respect and non-threatening social decorum into a morally decadent culture. Developing an unassailable plan for making city streets safe is beyond them, too, as is the mystery of how to treat with dignity anyone who disagrees with them. But they can tell us how to lower the temperature of the whole earth a tenth of a degree 80 years from now.

It’s Your Fault, Not Theirs ~
Their genius-enhanced logic concludes that the climate problem is the fault of people like you and me—certainly not the upper echelon reporting them. Hence, the painful burden of the solution would naturally have to be borne by us, as well, leaving the affluent saviors of the world free to stomp around with an unrestricted ‘carbon footprint’ the size of Rhode Island while we dismantle our air conditioners and drive a ‘smart car’.

The mere fact that we’re Americans makes this whole crisis our fault. We have apparently colluded with our Chevy SUVs, boats, and lawnmowers (secretly made in Russia, no doubt) to melt the polar ice caps and unleash horrible plagues on the whole world. Poor island villagers will drown because of us. Drought and disease will force millions to flee their squalid little jungle houses and move to Des Moines. My list of sins and failures was already distressing enough without this.

A Different Kind of Savior—A Different Kind of Redemption ~
What a marvelous relief it is to know that God, who really is smarter than all of us, loved us enough to send a real Savior. And the Savior He sent was not like those of the affluent class that the world offers today – those who fly around in their carbon-belching private jets while dictating sanctions the rest of us should have to live under. Jesus became one of us and lived on a touchable level with all of us. He was richer than any of the world’s ‘saviors’, but unlike them, “though He was rich, for [our] sake He became poor, that we through His poverty might be made rich” (II Cor. 8:9).

Jesus didn’t stand off and condemn us while isolating Himself personally from us. He stood on this doomed earth with us. He took the crisis our sins created and the awful judgment we deserve upon Himself and accomplished redemption with no help from any of us. The days of this planet we live on are certainly numbered, and nothing the genius class can do will prevent that, but through faith in Jesus Christ, those of us who live on it have been offered “a new heaven and a new earth” (Rev. 21:1-3). We get that not through someone signing a political accord, but from personally accepting His blood-bought atonement.

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10 Responses to Climate ‘Accord’ vs. Christ’s Redemption

  1. keithakenny says:

    Nicely done, Ron. I gave up on the herd followers some time ago. I got tired of people quoting bumper stickers then getting angry with me for not respecting “their” ideas. I don’t think they know the difference. The sheep with the bell — who happens to have the mind of a sheep — is their leader and baaa, baaa, baaing is their deep wisdom.

    The Earth had a beginning and will have and end, and so will you and I. “Today is the day the Lord hath made. Let us rejoice and be glad in it.”


    • Thanks so much for your comment, Keith, and for standing for God’s truth. It’s encouraging to see another believer not just sitting idly by and watching so much of our heritage disintegrate around us. Sorry to be so tardy in responding, but things have been a bit hectic around the Gallagher compound lately.


  2. Ron, Well, what do you know, a hopeful message can be STILL be found! It’s the same message that has been there all along and from the most reliable, intelligent source—The Creator Himself, of course!
    #JesusSaves, #PeaceinGod,#Godlovesusall


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