Time to Make the “Good News” Visible

I don’t think I’m alone in my daily prayer that today will be the day when we see some good news and an indication that the craziness engulfing so much of our country has reached its zenith. I begin every day hoping that the cacophony of insane demands and ridiculous proposals flooding the airways  Continue reading

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Only Seven Words . . .

We tell stories for lots of reasons. We tell them to educate our children, to sell products, to illustrate how things work, to explain human behaviors, to reprimand, instruct, and enlighten. Jesus, the Master Storyteller, obviously included some of those objectives in the stories He told, but their overriding purpose was  Continue reading

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Convenience ~ An Appealing Quality with a Dangerous Downside

Don’t we modern Americans just love convenience? There seems to be a mad rush to fill our homes with things that contribute to it. With the possible exception of our pets, and in some cases, our kids, everything in our houses seems to be getting smarter and smarter. Everything nowadays seems designed to Continue reading

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Freedom . . . A Living Word, Especially when Spoken with a Dying Breath

When the William Wallace character in the movie, Braveheart, was about to be executed, his heart reached out to once again gather all the love it had for his native land and its people. Then he filled his tortured lungs one last time, and everything that made him who he was emptied itself as he thundered out a single explosive word, Continue reading

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It’s Time to Clock In

Remember what it felt like when you got your first real job? My entrance into the world of work began when the owner of the local Texaco service station, who was also my high school English teacher’s husband, agreed to hire me as a “service station attendant”. Showing up for my first day on the job was like  Continue reading

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And You Fathers . . .

It’s beginning to feel like a new day. Folks are fleeing the two-dimensional zoom world and doing things in ways that actually feel normal again. Hints of optimism are popping up and there seems to be a growing readiness to celebrate. What a great backdrop for the entrance of Father’s Day, 2021! If ever there was a time when our nation needed to shine a spotlight on the incredible impact of fatherhood, it is now, and highlighting the  Continue reading

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