Our New Book Release ~ Coming March 15th!

Take a look, friends . . . Our first book is actually DONE!  Can you feel Diane and me saying, “Yay!”?  March 15th is the official release date for Right Side Up Thinking in an Upside Down World!

March 15th Update: TODAY is the official date for our book release, and it’s available now in both paperback and Kindle editions.  Here’s the link to find it on Amazon!  Click on www.facebook.com/gallagherspen to join us for our Facebook Live Book Release party TONIGHT at 7:00 pm EDT!


Wow! This is a such an exciting time for us, and we’re both so glad to be able to share it with you. Looking back now, I recall a family member giving me a coffee mug last year as a gift. The message on the side read, “Please ask me about my book.” They wanted to help me generate conversations about the project. Silly kids . . . Now they’re out looking for another one that says, “PLEASE! Whatever you do, don’t ask him about his book!” Coffee mug message or not, we can’t help but celebrate finally getting to this point in our journey with God, and we’re overjoyed at being able to do that with all of you who have been such an encouragement to keep the writing efforts going.

So, What’s It All About, Anyway? ~

When the book comes up in a conversation, I frequently hear something like, “Cool title … What’s a book with a title like Right Side Up Thinking in an Upside Down World about, anyway?” My publisher, Lighthouse Bible Studies, was instrumental in helping to create the back cover text that they felt would give a good snapshot of the content. Very graciously, here’s part of what they helped to develop …

Like a master storyteller, Ron Gallagher takes everyday occurrences, often interspersed with his own brand of humor, and weaves them into unforgettable spiritual insights. Whether addressing cultural conflict, hoverboards, “zombie” cockroaches, or Goldilocks like you’ve never seen her, he uses a wide range of illustrations to paint a picture of “right side up” thinking in an “upside down world.”

In a nutshell, the book is a collection of vignettes, anecdotes, insights, and observations that, while there’s quite a bit of illustrative humor included, as usual, we hope our readers will find thought-provoking and inspirational. We live in a world that’s constantly challenging, altering, denying, and misrepresenting those dependable reference points that God established for us to live by. He gave them so that even in a chaotic world, we would be able to successfully navigate our lives in a way that’s most beneficial to us, most harmonious with others, and most glorifying to Him. Keeping the “right” side “up” means elevating God’s principles to the uppermost priority in our thinking. When we look at all of life’s unpredictable events and episodes from the perspective that God’s eternal Truth provides, then we are much more likely to enjoy the benefits of decisions that are “right.”  

God’s Intent for “Right Side Up Thinking” ~

God never intended that our consideration of His Truth be relegated to the status of a set of religious rituals reserved for a couple of hours on Sunday, or only brought out to serve as another decorative holiday enhancement. He meant for us to use the principles in His Word as a lens through which everything we see passes, and to provide the reference points we need for understanding whatever life throws at us.

The material included in Right Side Up Thinking in an Upside Down World was drawn from a life with some pretty significant ups and downs—lots of laughter—and lots of tears. The incidents and insights you’ll see in the book were gleaned from a wide variety of experiences and offer random glimpses of life from a lot of different perspectives. My hope is that our readers will be encouraged to see God in more ways, and more often, and with a more powerfully beneficial impact than ever they did before.

As I’ve said so often, when our world seems upside down, standing on our head to adapt to the view to make it seem normal is “not” the answer. Applying God’s proven, eternally “right” principles to life is the best, and really the only, way to turn things right side up again.  May He help us all to do a better job of that.

We’re pretty excited about completion of this new book project and hope you’ll join us as we share the latest contribution in our journey of publications intended to help others in their quest to know and walk “right side up” with the very God of the “Universe.”

Next Step … Want to Find Out More? 

Stay tuned for details on how to get the book as we get closer to the release date on March 15th. We’ll be hosting an “Online Facebook Live Party” at 7:00 pm EDT that night, too … Keep an eye out for details  on my “Ron Gallagher, Author” page at facebook.com/GallaghersPen

Our “Publications” page (in “GOLD” on the menu tab across the top) will also be updated as we have more info to share. Feel free to take a look at other publications already listed there!

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17 Responses to Our New Book Release ~ Coming March 15th!

  1. Can’t wait to get my copy!


  2. Shirley W Cunningham says:

    Jerry and I are so excited about your new book and can’t wait to get a copy! The two of you have worked so long and hard on this endeavor and we couldn’t be happier for you! Keep writing and CONGRATULATIONS on this huge accomplishment! Hugs!


    • Thank you so much, Shirley and Jerry– your support and consistent encouragement have been a source of blessing and spiritual nourishment for Diane and me, and I hope the book holds some small portion of blessing for you in return.


  3. Rcik says:

    Looking forward to a “hard copy” of your writings/insights. May the Spirit empower you to keep on thinking RIGHTLY.


    • Again, Rick, we are so blessed by you and your ministry and are more grateful than we can articulate for the many ways you have ministered to so many. We look forward to seeing you and all your folks again soon.


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