Blind Rage and Riots for Rent

The New Testament record makes it clear that Jesus had a problem with the issue of blindness and was never content to leave it unaddressed. His power over blindness in the physical realm was proven repeatedly, but He pointed out that an inability to perceive things that others see clearly is not confined to a failure of one’s optical equipment. Jesus often referred to those who opposed and resisted everything that He represented as ‘blind’. Matthew records one exchange with them during which He twice referred to a gathering of Pharisees as “blind guides” (Mt. 23:16, 24), and two additional times in the same passage, He called them “fools and blind” (Mt. 23:17, 19). These men who had unimpaired physical eyesight were stricken with a more devastating kind of blindness. Vital and eternally significant things about life that Jesus made crystal clear remained a mystery to them because they were unwilling to acknowledge truth, and their rejection of truth left them unable to perceive reality. In a very real way, they were more hopelessly blind—and much more to be pitied—than those physically blind people who Jesus healed. The spiritual and moral blindness Jesus identified back then is epidemic in our nation today. It is a major affliction plaguing our universities, permeating entertainment media, and gripping much of our entrenched political establishment. That kind of blindness manifests itself in several ways. One that is growing increasingly familiar is a phenomenon we’ll simply call ‘blind rage’.

'Blind'--Image by Priscilla Santana

‘Blind’–Image by Priscilla Santana

The Walking Definition of Blind Rage ~
The complicit producers of mainstream news in America like to call it ‘protesting’, and thanks to their ever-present cameras, we’ve all seen it. Our screens are filled with pictures of enraged mobs filling the streets, screaming obscenities, throwing rocks, bottles, ‘Molotov cocktails’, and anything else they can find. Their brand of ‘protesting’ seems to require more than the usual array of cardboard signs. These protesters show up wearing face masks and armed with hammers, pipes, crowbars, and pepper spray. They wantonly destroy property, impede traffic, loot businesses, and threaten those they suspect of having an opinion or point of view that doesn’t align with theirs. These pre-packaged, riot-for-rent ‘protesters’ revel in subjecting innocent people to personal intimidation, public humiliation, and even physical assaults. Their supportive allies in the media often refer to them as ‘students’, but they are really just a bunch of antisocial anarchists who delight to commit crimes on camera. They commit felonies, yet strut about with a smug arrogance borne of the knowledge that corrupt municipalities and morally vacuous academic institutions will leave them untouched and virtually impervious to any legal repercussions. They are walking definitions of blind rage.

Their rage is obvious, but ‘blind’ fits as a descriptor because the source of their anger is so nebulous. On-scene interviews have consistently revealed that most of them have no clear explanation when asked why they’re so angry, or even what specific issue they’re protesting. They are simply pawns dispatched to exhibit a mindless, utilitarian wrath, and their demonstrations have been carefully choreographed and practiced. Their anti-social uprisings are neither spontaneous nor organic. These are trained agitators who are bankrolled and directed by power brokers like George Soros, liberal politicians, and their allies in academia who see chaos as means to acquire and apply political leverage.

Fueled by Fear and Hate ~
The blind rage we’re seeing these days is not driven by a love for something right, or good, or even beneficial. Nor is it designed to bring about a practical resolution to an identified problem. It’s driven by an unbounded sense of desperation formulated by fear and fueled by a generalized hatred of all things perceived to be a threat, which in this instance, is anyone holding a Biblical world-view and/or adherence to conservative political principles.

Jesus did not ignore the spiritual and moral blindness of those opposing Him in His day and is no more content to ignore it now than He was then. When He faced it then, He adamantly refused to yield to it, accommodate it, or compromise with it. Instead, He publicly confronted it and countered its false perceptions with the truth and reinforced that truth with a life that demonstrated an undeniable visible contrast. We are sent to respond to the world like He did.

Blind rage doesn’t need to be countered with more anger directed at their anger. It needs to be countered with ‘truth’ that sees life clearly – and a demonstration of the kind of love that will boldly embrace the blind but never fail to expose and challenge the source of their blindness.

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