Prelude to a Non-Hallmark Mother’s Day, Part I ~ Guest Post by Beckie Lindsey

Our Mother’s Day edition this year isn’t going to be one of those “feel-good, shed-a-nostalgic-tear-or-two-about-mom” kinds of articles. We won’t be inspiring any new Hallmark cards this time around. Instead, we want to use this wonderful celebration of motherhood to mourn the ones who are left out altogether, who won’t get to celebrate Mother’s Day, or any other day for that matter. Our offering this year might represent a field day for critics. It could cost me a few readers, but I’m praying that the opposite happens.

My heart is devoted this Mother’s Day to the children who never got to see their mother because they were not allowed to escape her womb alive. They deserve some recognition and some personal mourning this time of year. Secondly, I want to share a broken heart for the other victims, those young women who were seduced by the abortion industry’s lies and the manipulations of the popular culture, and who shed their tears in the darkness, who bury their faces in pillows and suffer the convulsing pain of a loss they can’t replace, and an emptiness they can’t fill. I want to encourage everyone I can this Mother’s Day not to forget them, and not to allow this hellish practice to become so normalized that we no longer even acknowledge it, much less raise our collective voices against it. Let’s devote our tears this Mother’s Day to those victims of this murderous plague. Then let’s celebrate the glorious hope of deliverance for those who suffer the aftermath of abortion, and the hope that we might see deliverance from the plague itself.

In light of that, we’re sharing two things with you this morning. The first is a link to a news article that I found deeply disturbing. A New York doctor, Dr. Robert Rho, was recently tried for murder, but as horrendous as it was, the one murder he was tried for pales in comparison to the murderous rampage he’s been on for years in his “clinics.” This one man claims to have killed 40,000 babies. That, of course, is just fine with everyone, apparently. It’s the one young lady he allowed to bleed to death that was bothersome. I invite you to try to get your head around what one–just one–of these “doctors” has been able to do. Thank God that he at least lost his license to kill . . . and might even have to do some community service or something. If he had drowned 40,000 feral cats, he’d be excoriated on social media, become a poster-boy for cruelty, and, no doubt, be serving jail time — but the 40,000 babies he killed hardly raises an eyebrow.

Our second offering for your consideration this morning is from Beckie Lindsey, one of my favorite authors, a courageous young voice for God’s truth, and a treasured friend. Beckie has addressed this issue in a powerful and compelling piece that she published on her site (, and she has graciously agreed to sit in as our guest and share it with us. In her piece, Beckie introduced another gifted writer, Mary Mack, who has attacked the subject internationally with courage and passion. Rather than subject you to a more lengthy post here, I’ve decided to make this a two-parter. That will give you more time to reflect on the content and to consider directing some of your Mother’s Day prayer time this year in a little different direction. What follows below is part of Beckie’s own story, which she revealed as an introduction to Mary’s article, which we’ll post tomorrow.

Dear readers, I’m delving into a controversial issue today—abortion. There are several things that I am passionate about. However, if you’ve been following my writing for long, you know my biggest passion is a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and sharing with others how to grow in that relationship. It is because of my relationship with the Creator God, His Son Jesus, and the Holy Spirit that guides my life, that I am sharing a powerful message written by a very gifted writer friend, Mary Mack.

But first, I want to share something personal. I’m not proud of this, but nonetheless, it’s part of my testimony. When I was nineteen, I found myself in the position of considering abortion. I was young, unmarried, and frightened. I was told having an abortion wasn’t any different than taking birth control pills. I anguished for several days. Fortunately, all my fears were quelled when I found I was not pregnant, after all. But the idea that I even considered having an abortion haunted me.

Seven years later, I was married and attended a women’s church retreat. It’s an experience I’ll never forget because prayer was offered to women who had had abortions. At first, only a few weeping women slowly made their way forward for prayer. The room had been silent, so their cries bounced off the walls, reverberating within me. But then more wailing broke out from behind me. Then to the side. And more toward the front. The room was pulsating with palpable anguish like I have never heard—loud sobs from women, some literally writhing on the floor.

I sat there and heaved my own tears, knowing although I did not have an abortion, I seriously contemplated it. I was shocked at how many women had buried the indescribable pain—some for many years. My heart shattered for them because I could have been one of them. Please understand, I’m not judging here. It is certainly not my place. However, I do know that Jesus is the Healer and Forgiver that those women were looking for. And as a woman who has since been blessed to carry three children to birth and raise them, I know those babies—my sons and daughter— were ALIVE as they grew in me. They responded to my voice, they kicked when music played, they had hiccups. They were tiny, growing people that God “knit together in my womb” (Psalm 139).

As Christians, I feel we must be a voice for those without a voice. I’m not going to throw a bunch of statistics at you or even scientific findings of biology and conception. I just want to appeal to you as another human being. There are many tragic things happening in our world, but this is one I will not be silent about. I don’t care if my stance is not “politically correct” because this is not really about politics. This is about the value of human life. And every single life is precious.

Following this moving introduction from Beckie, please look for tomorrow’s powerful post from Mary Mack for the rest of this challenging story …

Beckie Lindsey is an award-winning writer, poet, freelancer, and blogger. She is the
editor of Southern California Voice, a division of One Christian Voice, LLC., a national news syndicating agency. She is the author of devotions, a devotional study journal, and the upcoming YA novel, Beauties from Ashes. Beckie is passionate about the Word of God and desires for others to not only know the truths of the Bible but experience them personally in daily life. She and her husband, Scott have three adult children, two
adorable cats and live in California.


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4 Responses to Prelude to a Non-Hallmark Mother’s Day, Part I ~ Guest Post by Beckie Lindsey

  1. Ron, thank you for addressing this horrific issue with courage while offering the hopeful message of God’s amazing grace. I’m honored to be featured here on your blog and to call you “friend”.
    God bless you!

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    • I have a friend who gets up every morning and pulls up the Wall Street Journal and several other financial reporting resources. Then he spends hours checking on the status of his treasures and wonders how he can make himself richer. I do the same thing, sort of, only I listen to the words and read the hearts of the treasures God has allowed into my life. Doing that, I get to feel a lot richer than my friend, and mine isn’t subject to market fluctuations–plus, he’ll leave his treasure one day, and perhaps discover a poverty from which no economic resurgence can deliver him. Mine has a worth that is incomprehensible, and I get to be connected with mine forever.

      Oh wait… before I go off with a documented declaration about what a treasure you are and toss in an unambiguous suggestion in a public forum that being your friend has enriched my life, given that you are, after all, located in California, I have to ask–is there a tax???

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  2. It’s because of my friendship with Beckie that I was introduced to you, Ron. Her writing is tremendous, and so is her heart. Yes, I will be praying for all the unborn and for the women who were talked into the lie of abortion.
    Blessings to you, and thanks for sharing this!

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    • Isn’t it marvelous, Martha, how God connects us with family we never knew? I’ll always be grateful for the privilege of a place in Beckie’s circle of friends, and now yours as well. I used to have a plaque in my office that said, “Christianity is a Relationship.” I inserted the word “love” that the originator of it didn’t have the insight to include. When God transforms names I hadn’t heard into friends I’ll never forget, I’m always shocked all over again at what a marvelous foretaste of heaven the experience provides. Again, thank you for your encouraging comment and your faithful stand for His truth.

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