Sometimes There’s No Middle Ground

The call for God’s people to make a sobering decision is not new. Prior to their entrance into the land He had promised to give them, for instance, He said this: “I call heaven and earth as witnesses today against you, that I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing; therefore choose life, that both you and your descendants may live” (Deut. 30:19 NKJV). Later, Joshua demanded that a similar choice to be made between God and the idols of the land. He said, simply, “Choose for yourselves this day whom you will serve…” (Joshua 24:15) NKJV). Centuries after that, Elijah called out to God’s vacillating people once again and challenged them to make a decision. “How long will you falter between two opinions?” He asked, “If the LORD is God, follow Him; but if Baal, follow him” (1 Kings 18:21 (NKJV). Those instances have a few things in common that are relevant today:

  • The situation before them demanded that a decision be made.
  • The mandate to choose was individual, but their collective decision would affect the welfare of the entire nation.
  • The options were clearly laid out and understandable. No complex terms were employed, and no ambiguous, nuanced language was involved.
  • The call to decide was immediate. Circumstances were of such urgency that procrastination was not an option.
  • The extent of the personal and national impact of their response would reach far beyond their current situation.
  • There was no middle ground, no ‘neutral’ place to stand. Refusal to make a positive choice constituted a vote in favor of the wrong direction.

God demanded that a choice be made, but the decision itself was theirs alone to make, and He would not make it for them. They had to choose, and their choice would determine God’s reaction. A right response would lead to personal blessing and the national prosperity that He promised. Conversely, a wrong decision would not be ignored or excused, and God would allow them to suffer every destructive consequence associated with their choice.

‘God is in Control’ – But Know This: He Delegates Responsibilities 
I run out of patience pretty quickly with people who refuse to make a decision about vital issues like the ones involved in this election, and who don their well-practiced ‘church countenance’ and blithely declare, “Well, God is in control.” Please note that in every instance mentioned above, we’re talking about the same God. The One so many declare to be so “in control” now, was just as “in control” then. Interesting that in the face of a national crisis, this same “in control” God demanded that His people make a choice. He delegated to them the responsibility of making individual decisions that would ultimately affect the welfare of the entire nation. They would not be able simply to stand aside and claim that God must have wanted them to have godless, evil people running their country.

A vital national election is before us, and the direction of America’s future is reduced to the individual choices we make on Tuesday, November 8. The process includes some elements that are challenging for many, no doubt, but a choice must be made—will be made. I’m not one of those guys who tries to waltz around a battlefield wearing pieces of each opposing army’s uniform, hoping to join in the victory dance with whomever happens to win! Sometimes decisions simply have to be made, like it or not. Sometimes we have to choose where we’re going to stand, commit to a course of action, and determine what we’re going to do – and this is one of those times.

Only Two Ways--Image by Howard Lake

Only Two Ways–Image by Howard Lake

‘Either Way’ Won’t Work This Time 
I saw a cartoon once (wish I had a copy of it to post with this piece) where a guy had wrecked his car. The road came to a place where it branched off in two directions, like a ‘Y’. He ran his car into a post in the middle of the intersection that was holding up a huge sign that said, “Either Way”. Sometimes failing to choose one road or another holds its own recipe for disaster. America’s political day of reckoning is nearly upon us, and if we make the wrong choice, it may well be a day of reckoning for us on many other levels.  The consequences will not take place in a vacuum.

Let’s be clear about this, too. There are only two real choices. Several candidates’ names may be on the ballot, but there are only two who have any chance at all of being declared our next President. Either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton will be handed the reins of leadership over the most powerful nation on earth, and we will help decide on November 8 which one. To their supporters, each stands as a beacon of hope on one hand, and a funeral dirge for a way of life on the other. If ever there was an election with no middle ground, this is it.

The Options are Totally Clear
We will be choosing more than a political party and its candidate in this election. It is a choice between two profoundly contrasting visions for America’s future. Donald Trump offers hope for an end to the corrupt, deceitful, and destructive policies of the ‘progressives’. Hillary Clinton, along with her entire criminal empire, represents allegiance to the most ungodly practices and destructive policies we have ever seen in a candidate, and she will expand them if elected. One of the candidates will establish the path our country takes for the next several generations.

The choice isn’t complicated. The time to decide is now, and there is no middle ground. The God who is ‘in control’ will not cast our ballot for us—that responsibility belongs to us and no one else, but He will not ignore our response. If we choose poorly, we needn’t expect Him to step in and stop the evil we choose to unleash on our nation. I implore you to choose to engage in some ‘right side up thinking’, and encourage everyone you know to vote for Trump on Tuesday.

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11 Responses to Sometimes There’s No Middle Ground

  1. Kristin Thompson says:

    Ron, thank You for echoing, “choose You whom You will serve!” I believe God’s people also need to remember Deuteronomy chapt.17. God said to choose your king from among your brethren. But God is also going to hold You Accountable for who and what You choose to follow as well. Love Ya!!!


    • Such an uplifting thing to see your comment, Kristin–knowing you’re out there helping to keep the truth alive and the light shining is energizing. When the battles seem overwhelming (which is most of the time) just knowing that we’re not in this thing alone can make the difference between pushing through a hard day, or hanging our heads in defeat.


  2. JoAnn Williams says:

    As always a great article. Praying daily for people to vote for Trump so we can have the Supreme Court Justices that will uphold the Constitution for the future of America! I wish the people would wake up! Thank you for your encouraging words of wisdom that God has given you. God bless you!


    • Your prayers and your influence are much more valuable than you might think, JoAnn, and the encouragement that comes with your gracious comments are blessed reminders that we’re in this fight together–a powerful source of encouragement on those days when it seems like we’re overwhelmed on every side.


  3. Paul Steele says:

    Ron, you are exactly right and I love how you expound on today’s issues with biblical truth. Keep up the righteous work and God bless.


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