Although writing has been a part of Ron’s life since his teen years, his entry into the publishing arena came along only recently, after considerable prodding and encouragement from other published writers and friends. In addition to producing weekly articles for Gallagher’s Pen, Ron’s work has appeared in multiple publications, as reflected below. His creative writing background also includes scores of curricula written for Bible studies over the years in the course of his active speaking and teaching experience.

Several book projects are underway and occupy a significant place among his priorities for 2017. His current challenges include developing supportive material for a variety of public speaking and teaching engagements, as well.

Book Publications ~
      Breaking the Chains, Strategies for Overcoming Spiritual Bondage, contributing author with Katy Kauffman, et al; Lighthouse Bible Studies, April 2017

Book Projects Underway ~ 
     “Right Side Up Thinking ~ In an Upside Down World”  Subtitle: Looking at the World through the Lens of Biblical Truth.  A compilation project with Lighthouse Bible Studies  Publication target: February 2018

     Working title: “Love’s Way to Win – Overcoming Obstacles to Forgiveness When Love Seems to Fail”  Publication target pending

     Working title: “Forgiveness by the Book – A Biblical Guide for Turning Wounds into Scars”  Publication target pending

Online Magazine Publications ~
     Unwrapping a Christmas Mystery, Refresh Bible Study Magazine, Christmas Issue 2017, pg 6
    Breaking Free from Two-Dimensional Christianity, Refresh Bible Study Magazine, October 2017, pg 42
     Love Lessons, Refresh Bible Study Magazine, August 2017, pg 61
    Parable in the Park, Refresh Bible Study Magazine feature article, June 2017, pg 12
     It’s Not a Battle Cruiser Anymore
Refresh Bible Study Magazine, April 2017, pg 37
     Dynamite – The Power Is in What It Does, Not in What It’s Called, Refresh Bible Study Magazine, February 2017, pg 19
     Another Look at Re-Gifting, Refresh Bible Study Magazine, December 2016, Christmas Edition lead article, pg 6
     A Zombie Nod to HalloweenRefresh Bible Study Magazine, October 2016, pg 36
     The Secret to Self-Control, Refresh Bible Study Magazine, August 2016, Fruit of the Spirit Edition, pg 52
     Armor – What Version Are You Wearing?Refresh Bible Study Magazine, Spiritual Warfare Edition, June 2016, pg 30
     Lifeless LeftoversBible Advocate, May-June 2016, pg 7
     Don’t Be a Mad Monkey on a Light Pole, Lighthouse Bible Studies, April 2016 guest post
     Lifeless Leftovers, Refresh Bible Study Magazine, Easter Edition, March 2016, pg 25
     Love Those Hoverboards, Refresh Bible Study Magazine, February 2016, pg 36
     No Audition Necessary, Bible Advocate, January-February 2016, pg 18
     Balancing Bethlehem, Light and Life Magazine, December 2015
     Ambushed at WalmartRefresh Bible Study Magazine feature article, December 2015, pg 10
     Christmas – Same Old Thing, Refresh Bible Study Magazine, December 2015, pg 50
     Not for Sale at Any PriceBroken but Priceless: the Magazine, October 2015, pg 4
     Seven Key Ingredients for a Fulfilling Quiet Time, Refresh Bible Study Magazine, October 2015, pg 31

Periodicals, Devotionals, and Newspaper Publications ~
     Yorktown Crier / The Poquoson Post, weekly Church Page articles (January 2017 – current)
     No Competition, RCWW Advent Devotional, December 22, 2015
     Purr-fectly Persistent, Evangel, Summer 2015
     Local News, Living Parables, Evangel, February 2013 Cover Story
     Sleeping on the Job, Evangel, November 2012 Cover Story

‘Right Side Up Thinking – In an Upside Down World!’