Events & Opportunities

In addition to sharing our thoughts with you through the content of the articles we post on a regular basis, we’d like to keep you apprised of activities and events that are of particular interest to us.  Some of them will be events for which we are the primary presenters, but others will be notices or reminders about programs or other special gatherings that are being presented by friends, churches, ministry groups, or  other agencies with whom we share like values and beliefs.  Just click on the drop down menu options above for more information.

My deep desire for all of us is that the values, ideals, and convictions that we hold in our hearts find open expression in the culture that surrounds us.  If our beliefs are not consistently expressed by our observable behavior, then they are stripped of definition, and robbed of their power to influence others. Those around us will conclude that they are not genuine beliefs at all – and God tends to share that conclusion.  That gives us powerful motivation to join with others in places and ways that illustrate who we are and to honor the One we serve.  Hopefully, you might find this Events & Opportunities resource stimulating, and a way to add a few options to your list of ways to do that.

Ron Gallagher, Ed.S

Gallagher’s Pen, Ronald L. Gallagher, Ed.S.  All rights reserved.
‘Right Side Up Thinking ~ In an Upside Down World’

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